iQube Smart Junction Box

iQUBE²® is leading a new generation of digital junction boxes. At the forefront of iQUBE²’s cutting edge design are enhanced features that will redefine expectations for traditional analog to digital technology.

For mission-critical applications and unmatched performance, iQUBE² is the equipment of choice. Its high-speed ability to update up to 500 times per second on multi-channels makes it the fastest smart junction box available. Unmatched reaction time brings accuracy to new levels, increasing precision and profits.

Enhanced onboard diagnostics will identify noise, test for linearity and zero reference, and monitor drift. Diagnostics are enhanced by a unique load cell emulation feature which compensates for a failing load cell until a repair can be made.

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iQube Smart Junction Box

  • iQUBE2® board has four A/D channels
  • Stainless steel or Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), NEMA Type 4X enclosure
  • Supports networking up to four boards, for 16 A/D channels; connection can be up to four separate platforms with a system total, or four separate scale systems
  • Diagnostic routines for weighing errors and system health
  • Cell tests for overloaded, underloaded, zero reference, drift, noise and unbalanced conditions
  • Onboard status LEDs for communication and visual bi-color indication of cell health
  • Cell emulator compensates for load cell failure until a repair can be made
  • Cal-Match® algorithm automatically trims and calibrates the scale in one pass of test weights (stopping over each mount)
  • Standard communication RS-232/RS-422
  • Option card slot for fiber optic, Ethernet TCP/IP, wireless TCP/IP, USB or RS-232/485
  • Four digital I/O per card, for push-button operation, setpoint control or cell status
  • Applications
    Truck and railroad scales
    Tank and hopper scales
    Multi-channel scales
    Interfaces to 920i®, 1280, VIRTUi2® and ASCII serial command