480 480 Plus Legend Series

480 480 Plus Legend Series:  With NEMA Type 4X, stainless steel enclosure and advanced gasket system, the industrial-strength Legend Series is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside or out.  Choose between large, ultra-bright LED or LCD 0.8-inch displays with 6-digits and sharp contrast for superior display visibility.

Advanced circuitry withstands electrical noise, power disturbances and transient spikes that are common to industrial applications. The Legend Series’ six-button tactile keypad allows for quick navigation and programming. The Legend Plus Series offers a full numeric keypad.

The Legend Series offers a valuable solution for a variety of applications, from basic weighing to batching. Built-in gross/net modes provide quick flexibility for everyday needs. Also utilize the 480’s custom ticket printing to modify.

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480 480 Plus Legend Series

  • 0.8in, 6-digit, 7-segment display LED, 480 and 480 Plus
  • Time and date, battery backed
  • Local/Remote operation
  • Numeric keypad (480 Plus)
  • Keypad entries and setpoint values (480 Plus)
  • Two independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20mA
  • NEMA Type 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
  • Password protection for user and configuration changes
  • Selectable conversion rate and display update rate
  • Hardware or audit trail metrology sealing
  • Programmable ticket formats for gross, net, accumulator, and setpoints
  • Five continuous stream formats
  • Adapter filter or rolling average filter
  • Configurable with Revolution software
  • Operator functions through menu for audit trail, preset tare, unit ID, Accumulator, time and date, setpoints, communications, and print formats