AND GX-A/GF-A Series Analytical Balances

The A&D Apollo Series of Analytical and Precision Balances employs Smart-Super Hybrid Sensors, innovative solutions, impact shock detection, overload protection, flow rate display, along with advanced and practical features to take precision w

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AND GX-A/GF-A Series Analytical Balances

  • Advanced Sensor Technology
    Smart SHS®is the latest advancement in our super hybrid design, construction and algorithms. Increased productivity via faster stabilization times (1 second in fast mode)
    Lower cost of ownership due to reduce number of parts and maintenance accessibility
  • Innovative Solutions
    Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) does a self-diagnostic before performing an internal repeatability test without an external weight, all in less than a minute and a half.
    Dia-Check – the diagnostic result that validates if the balance critically passes or fails
    SD – standard deviation that allows for daily precision check, ideal for S.O.P.s
    QuickMin-S – determines minimum sample weight in any given environment
    Min-S Alert – alerts user to ensures they are operating within USP41 compliance
  • Impact Shock Detection (ISD)
    Impact-alert visually and audibly indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks
    Shock-log documents date, time, and shock level
  • Flow Rate Display (FRD)
    Helps streamline and improve filling or dosing accuracy and precision.
    FR-Cal – calculates, displays/outputs the mass or volume flow rate by entering density
    FR-Compare – comparator that provides feedback if the flow rate is within limits
  • Good Data Management
    Internal/external calibration with easy one-touch button – performs and documents internal calibration
    Automatic Self-Calibration (ASC) – auto calibrates based on temperature and time interval
    Password-Protect – offers password-protection up to 11 users and 1 administrator
    GLP/GMP/GCP Compliance with full calibration reports
  • Leveling Made Easy
    Bright-bubble – large, easy-to-see, front mounted spirit level with LED Illumination
    Fly-thumbwheel is effortless and accessible, allows ergonomic adjustment with anti-slip feet
  • Simple User and Data Interface
    Six straightforward keys – ON/OFF, CAL, MODE, SAMPLE, PRINT, REZERO
    Reverse backlit LCD is a large display with great black and white contrast, provides excellent visibility
    Standard RS-232C & USB – Toggle between the Quick USB mode or Virtual COM mode (bi-directional)
  • Cleanable Robust Construction
    Stainless steel pan and dust-plate can be easily removed for cleaning
    Easy to assemble anti-static breeze break on 0.001 readability models
    Die-cast aluminum housing provides extra stability and durability