Weigh-Tronix ForkLift Scales

Weigh-Tronix ForkLift Scales allow the integration of weighing and data management into your operation – without adding any extra steps or route changes.  This means you protect your revenue while maximizing efficiency.  All Avery Weigh-Tronix forklift scales mount directly on the front of the forklift truck carriage, with a weight indicator in the cab of the truck.  This arrangement allows the driver to clearly, easily and safely operate the scale system without interrupting their normal routine.

Avery Weigh-Tronix fork lift scales are built with the tough warehouse and material handling environment in mind.  The design features two metal plates coupled together with Weigh Bar weight sensors, which means no springs, hydraulics or flexures that can be easily damaged.  Furthermore, the system monitors the orientation of the scale and maintains accurate weight readings even if the forklift truck is on unlevel ground, the mast is tilted, or the pallet load is o­ff center.

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Weigh-Tronix ForkLift Scales:

  • FLSC:  The FLSC digital forklift scale is a market leading system which turns an ordinary ITA Class II forklift truck into a mobile scale. This advanced digital scale comes pre-calibrated from the factory ready for a quick installation.  It is built specifically for industrial/ commercial applications and incorporates design features to weigh accurately under all conditions.  The FLSC is legal-for-trade, making it suitable for use in applications where product is sold by weight.  The scale carriage features a completely open center area, allowing the forklift operator to clearly see the fork tips (below).  ITA Class II Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 5 lb
  • QTLTS Scale Carriage: Ideal for monitoring loads handled by forklifts that do not require legal-for-trade accuracy, this tough and durable forklift scale consistently provides 99% or better weight accuracy regardless of the position of the forks or mast.  This scale carriage is very tough. It attaches to an existing forklift truck carriage and withstands up to 200% of full capacity applied anywhere up to 24” from the frame and side loads up to 100% of full capacity.  ITA Class II Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 1 lb.   ITA Class III Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 1 lb – 10,000 x 2 lb
  • QTLTSC Scale Carriage: The QTLTSC is an ideal solution for applications that require a forklift scale system for the ITA Class III & Class IV cleat type forklift truck.  This robust system allows operators to easily and quickly capture legal-for-trade weight data.  ITA Class III Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 5 lb – 10,000 x 10 lb.  ITA Class IV Cleat Type carriages: 10,000 x 10 lb – 16,000 x 20 lb
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