Counterpart Counting Scale

Counterpart is a configurable indicator—specially designed from the board up. With amazingly precise internal resolution, it counts any part, from tiny resistors to heavy engine parts— accurately, quickly and easily. Counterpart comes out of the box ready to count anything in your operation.

Counterpart gives you more for less
Counterpart interfaces with most scale bases, balances, scanners, label printers, and text printers, regardless of the manufacturer.  Onboard Ethernet can transmit scale data to most software.

Rice Lake offers a choice of two Counterpart consoles, dual scale or single scale. Both connect to virtually any analog scale or serial scale/balance input, to count a full range of parts, from smallest to largest.

Counterpart is loaded with user-friendly features designed to help operators produce perfect results by simply following the keys: zero, tare and sample.

The display allows operators to simultaneously view weight, piece weight, ID code and quantity.  A10-piece default sample setting and accuracy enhancement features release operators from counting out large samples.

Operators can choose display modes, weight/1,000 or average piece weight (APW), and work in the mode that’s most familiar. While the Counterpart has infinite power to handle the most complex operations, most counting tasks will be accomplished with a simple touch of a button.

Rugged, lightweight and portable
Counterpart is easy to transport throughout a plant, ideal for seasonal rentals, and the right solution for permanent installations.  If space is limited, or the display needs to be out of harm’s way; it can be detached from the base and placed on a table.  The optional internal rechargeable battery provides hours of portable counting power.

Improve accuracy and streamline operations
Counterpart features built-in item and bar code recall, plus networking capabilities.  The item memory allows operators to store 150 ID numbers and any combination of part number, description, piece weight, tare weights, lot number and inventory balance.  WeighVault® for Counterpart interfaces with a PC for virtually unlimited ID storage.

Operators allow programmable setpoints based on weight or quantity.  Two standard RS-232 serial ports interface with a bar code scanner and label printers. Eliminate manual entry errors by quickly recalling stored data.

For instant documentation, add a label, ticket or tape printer for on-the-spot recording of your data.

The Counterpart’s configurable data output and multiple mode formats allow easy customization. For further expandability, networking options make Counterpart easy to integrate with existing IT processes.

All data is displayed simultaneously on the bright LCD display. The operator may toggle between displayed items to show desired feature in larger font, or toggle from one scale to another.

Endless capacity range and system versatility with two inputs (one analog and one serial scale) or three inputs (two analog and one serial scale) standard.

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Counterpart Counting Scale

  • AC operated (battery operation is optional)
  • LCD graphic transmissive display for indoor viewing
  • Lb/kg/oz/g weight display conversion
  • Single- or dual-channel models with serial scale input
  • Mix and match platforms with console
  • Four setpoint outputs for counting
  • Two RS-232 ports for connecting peripherals
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Scanner input (RS-232)
  • PC software utility (Revolution®) for setup
  • 150 item memory
  • Battery
  • USB for USB keyboard
  • WeighVault™ for Counterpart