DFC Force Gauge

DFC Force Gauge:  The DFC is a revolutionary concept for force measurement using a handheld force gage.  It may be used as a high-accuracy handheld force gage or as a digital controller for use with the FMM Digital Force Testers.   The DFC also serves as a universal interface where you set up your tests and where you configure load limits, distance limits, break limits, crosshead travel direction, crosshead speed and more.  It features a measurement accuracy of 0.1% full scale with internal data sampling at 25kHz. Display resolution is 10,000:1.  The DFC features Bluetooth®, USB and RS-232 communications plus digital I/O.

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DFC Force Gauge by Starrett:

  • Bluetooth
  • Use as handheld instrument or mount to Starrett test frames: FMM, MTL and MTH.
  • Excellent display resolutions (10,000 Divisions)
  • Precise and accurate load measurements: 0.1% full scale
  • Load sensors have safe overload rating of 200%
  • High-resolution OLED color display with adjustable backlight and Auto Off feature
  • Supplied with NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • 3-year warranty
  • Metric threads for screw-on attachments. Can be fitted with clevis adapters that fit hundreds of Starrett test fixtures.
  • A primary and secondary display window shows your results. O ut-of tolerance results display in red.
  • Adjustable sampling rates help you capture peak loads.  Filters can be applied to peak and display values.
  • Multiple display languages.
  • Battery provides more than 30 hours of continuous operation.  Charge battery using USB cable.
  • Change display (Flip feature) orientation without having to expose electronics.
  • Easy-to-use multi-function keypad.  Softkeys are programmable to your most used functions.
  • Programmable sounds for alarms, such as an out-of-tolerance result
  • Cast-aluminum housing
  • Comfort grip for handheld testing applications.
  • Limit Testing – Use load, distance or a break condition and report results at the limit including maximum load and distance at maximum load.
  • Load Average Testing – The load average test measures the load from the start and end of a test sequence.
  • Time Average Testing – Set a time duration for a test. When measuring load at the start of the test, the test concludes at the end of the time duration producing Average Load.
  • Cyclic Count Testing – Define the number of cycles up to 99,999
  • Cyclic Duration Testing – Define the duration of cycles up to 27 hours
  • Constant Hold Testing – Hold at a distance or load for creep and relaxation results. The maximum duration is 27 hours.
  • Contact Closure/Switch Testing – Uses the DFC force gage to signal when an electronic switch is opened or closed as load is applied or removed.