FMM Test Stand L1 Software

FMM Test Stand L1 Software:  Starrett L1 solutions are engineered to meet the requirements for fast, efficient, high-volume production testing. Combining functionality with affordability, our L1 solutions ensure accuracy, precision, reliability and repeatability for quality control, incoming inspection, engineering and research and development.  L1 Systems can be used to create your test methods quickly using test templates that guide you through the test setup process. Perform a wide variety of testing methods including; load limit, distance, beaking limit, cyclic count, cyclic duration, constant load and constant distance.

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FMM Test Stand L1 Software

  • Easily Perform Tension and Compression
  • Perform Basic Force Test Methods Quickly with Easy-to-Use Test Templates
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • Conforms to All Relevant European Standards and Carries CE Mark
  • Frame Type: Single Column
  • User Interface: Tablet PC
  • Maximum Speed: 40″/min, 1016mm/min
  • Minimum Speed: .002in/min, .05mm/min
  • Crosshead Throat Depth: 3.9in, 100mm
  • L1-110: Capacity 110 LBF/500N/50kgf; Travel: 20″
  • L1-110X: Capacity 11 LBF/500N/50kgf; Travel: 30″
  • L1-330: Capacity 330 LBF/1500N/150kgf; Travel: 20″
  • L1-330X: Capacity 330 LBF/1500N/150kgf; Travel: 30″
  • L1-550: Capacity 550 LBF/2500N/250kgf; Travel: 20″
  • L1-550X: Capacity 550 LBF/2500N/250kgf; Travel: 30″