FMM Test Stand

FMM Digital Force Test Stands may be used with L1 software or with a Starrett DFC or DFG digital force gage.  They are digital force testers are compact and ideal for high volume, lean manufacturing production.

FMM testers are available in three capacities: 110lbf (500N), 330lbf (1500N) and 550lbf (2500N).  Two travel lengths are available for all capacities: standard travel at 20″ (508mm) and extended travel at 30″ (762mm).  Crosshead speeds are controlled locally and can be set from 0.002 to 40 inch/min (0.05 to 1016mm/min).  A highresolution OLED display shows distance measurements with accuracy better than 20μm (0.0008 inch).  Travel limits help prevent load sensor overloading.

The FMM force tester can also be controlled using a DFC digital force gage.  The DFC force gage serves as a universal controller where it is used to setup the force tester’s distance limits, crosshead direction and crosshead velocity for a test.

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FMM Test Stand

  • Ideal for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications
  • Use with L1 software and 2-in-1 tablet PC or with DFC and DFG force gages
  • Multiple, Easy-to-Use Operating Modes: Manual, Automatic, Continuous, Gage Control (DFC force gage controls FMM tester), and Software Control (L1 system control)
  • Two column heights and travels: Standard Travel 20″ (508mm) and Extended Travel 30″ (762mm)
  • Three force capacities: 110 lbf (500N) / 330 lbf (1500N) / 550 lbf (2500N)
  • Reference distance travel ruler
  • Cycle for 99,999 counts or seconds (72 hours)
  • Hold at load or duration for up to seconds (72 hours)
  • Compact design is ideal for small work space and for lean manufacturing environments
  • Adjustable base adapter ensure correct sample alignment
  • Standard metric base with M4, M6, M10 and M12 threads
  • Optional imperial base with #10-32, 5/16-18, 1/4-28 and 1/2-20 threads
  • USB 2.0 and RS-232 Communications
  • Configurable crosshead speeds from: 0.002 to 40 in/min (0.05 to 1000 mm/min)
  • Crosshead speed accuracy is better than 0.1% at full speed, full load
  • Adjustable, magnetic travel limits
  • Quiet operating even at full speed, full load
  • Easily upgrade from force gage control to computer-based operation using L1 software and 2-in-1 tablet PC
  • Two mounting blocks for: Force gage mounting or BLC load cell mounting
  • Four configurable 0-24Vdc digital I/O channels for switch testing or use with annunciators and status lamps
  • Base clevis adapter kit supplied standard
  • Cast-aluminum base with bench clips to secure to work space if needed
  • Easy-to-use jog keys with excellent tactile feedback
  • Speed selection dial with high resolution display
  • FMM-110: Capacity 110 LBF/500N/50kgf; Travel: 20″
  • FMM-110X: Capacity 11 LBF/500N/50kgf; Travel: 30″
  • FMM-330: Capacity 330 LBF/1500N/150kgf; Travel: 20″
  • FMM-330X: Capacity 330 LBF/1500N/150kgf; Travel: 30″
  • FMM-550: Capacity 550 LBF/2500N/250kgf; Travel: 20″
  • FMM-550X: Capacity 550 LBF/2500N/250kgf; Travel: 30″