Rice Lake In-Motion Checkweighers

In-Motion Checkweighers:  Product inspection ensures quality control throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. From metal detection to product labeling, each task helps prevent issues with quality control. If your production line is missing an inspection component, it can create
consumer safety hazards and risks to your business. Checkweighing is an essential step in product inspection because it increases efficiency without decreasing quality. If your business is considering purchasing a checkweigher to improve production, this guide
will help determine what product will best suit your application needs.

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In-Motion Checkweighers

Benefits of a checkweigher
Checkweighers are designed to fit your application needs by optimizing your manufacturing process and reducing overall costs. There are several benefits of incorporating an in-motion checkweigher into your production line.

Meet legal standards
Many federal regulations are in place to ensure retail products are at a specified weight that is not shorting the consumers of product. If a product is underweight and fails to meet those standards, your business could face costly fines. With a checkweigher in place, you can avoid these fines altogether.

Reduce product giveaway
In order to avoid being fined for underweight products, businesses often overfill their packages. However, overfilling packages means your business is giving away free product, which results in loss of revenue. Checkweighers are designed to ensure any product exceeding the maximum allowed variation is removed from the production line, ultimately reducing product giveaway and saving your business money.

Maintain customer satisfaction and company reputation
Customer satisfaction depends upon the quality and reliability of the products they purchase, and checkweighers make it easier to meet these customer expectations. With the ability to detect missing components in packages, checkweighers ensure finished products are complete and contain all necessary parts.

Eliminate human error
Where manual labor is involved, error is inevitable. Automated checkweighing systems reduce the amount of rework due to manual mistakes without slowing down your process, increasing overall efficiency.

Provide data
A checkweigher’s ability to capture and save data is beneficial for tracking and managing productivity. User-friendly functions, statistics and reports supply data for supervisory analysis and production modifications.

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