Mark-10 Grips Attachments

Mark-10 Grips & Attachments are integral components of testing systems, designed for a wide range of tension, compression, and torque applications. These grips and attachments are able to mount to Mark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, sensors, and test stands. Eye end adapters may be used with some gauges and sensors for quick-change convenience and compatibility with third party equipment.

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Mark-10 Grips Attachments

  • TENSILE/PULL:   Wedge Grips, Miniature Wedge Grip, Minature Component Grip, Multi-jaw Grip, Clevis Grip, Ribbon Wrap Grip
  • PACKAGE/PEEL/FRICTION:  Film/Paper Grips, Pneumatic Film/Paper Grip, 90° Peel Grip, Coefficient of Friction Grip, Score Bend Grip, Opening Force Fixture, Cork Extraction Fixture, Loop Tax Fixture, Flip Cap Grip
  • VISE/PARALLEL: Parallel Jaw Grips, Vise Grips, Self Centering Vice Grips
  • WIRE/ROPE/YARN/TUBING: Wire Terminal Grips, Wire Turrett Style Grip, Dual Roller Grip, Minature Filament Bollard Grip, Wire/Rope Grip, Eccentric Roller Grip
  • COMPRESSION/PUSH/BEND:  Compression Plates, Bend Fixtures, Syringe Compression Fixture, Puncture Fixtures
  • TORQUE/FORCE:  Bottle Grip, Universal V-Jaw Grip, Universal Cap Grip, Jacob Chucks Grip
  • BASIC GRIPS:  Hooks, Extension Rods, Flat Heads, Chisel Points, Cone Points, V-Grooves, Thread Adapters, Eye End Adapters