Mitutoyo Height Gages

Used from a flat surface such as a granite surface plate, height gages measure the distance from the reference surface to some feature of a part, and can do so with exceptional accuracy.  Mitutoyo offers a full range of height gages.  From advanced electronic height gages rich in features to vernier height gages we can provide varying gauges with exceptional accuracy.  These tools are typically used in combination with the various scribes, attachments and accessories available from Miutoyo to complete the inspection work.

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  • Electronic Height Gages are portable and easy to use for vertical measurements within their range.  Hardened, ground, and lapped bases provide ease of movement across surface plates.
  • Dial Height Gages are very useful tools for machinists and inspectors.  Applications include scribing lines for layout and height measurement (with or without dial test indicator) and depth measurement (with optional attachement).   They are simple to use, reliable and accurate.
  • Vernier Height Gages are accurate, rugged and reliable tools that give precise and dependable measurements over long ranges.  It has an easy-to-read vernier, are stronger, and are offered in greater ranges than other height gages.