MTL-330 Manual Test Stand

MTL-330 Manual Test Stand

The MTL-330 tester can measure force up to 330lbf (1500N, 150kgf).  This tester is used for tensile and compression testing applications, and is ideal for spring testing.  Fit the MTL-330 with a Starrett digital force gage and optional digital scale to determine spring rates, initial tension and more.  The MTL-330 can be easily mounted to your workbench for secure testing.  Like the MTL-110, the quick-action lever moves the rack and pinion crosshead 3″ (76mm) per revolution.  The lever may be positioned anywhere on the 30″ (762mm) column, and with a 4″ (102mm) throat, large samples can be accurately tested. Optional gage adapter kits are available for use with non-Starrett force gages. The MTL may be equipped with optional legs so that you can test in a horizontal position.

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 MTL-330 Manual Test Stand by Starrett:

  • Capacities: 330lbf  (1500N)
  • Compact Design is Ideal for Lean Manufacturing Environments
  • Lever-type, Quick-action Crosshead Movement
  • Precision Rack and Pinion
  • Excellent Position Resolution: Single Rotation for 3″ (75mm)
  • Adjustable Gage Mounting