Renishaw Vision Fixtures

Renishaw vision fixtures and acrylic base plates allow for back lighting and a clear, clean look at the part from your vision system.  Each system uses an acrylic base plate that allows for the use of backlighting for a clear view of the part.  Improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process with fast and repeatable fixturing set-ups using Renishaw’s vision fixtures.

QuickLoad™ corner (QLC)

Renishaw’s acrylic base plates contain recessed steel pins that locate precisely onto magnets within the QuickLoad™ corner.  This enables quick, easy and repeatable loading and unloading of plates on to the machine.  The serrated edges of the QuickLoad™ corner (QLC) allows them to be mounted directly against them and fixed with Renishaw M4, M6 or 1/4-20 fixturing components, for quick and easy inspection.  Once you have fixtured the part you can document the set-up for accurate re-creation.

The QLC system can be purchased in preconfigured kits that contain a base plate, a QLC for your specific machine and a comprehensive set of components.  The QLC is designed to fit the lower left hand corner of your vision stage and the location of its mounting holes.  Mounting holes are provided for most major brands of vision systems to ensure the correct size and proper fit.



  • QuickLoad™ corner (QLC)
  • Interchangeable vision fixture (IVF)
  • Vision fixture kits:  Renishaw vision fixtures  are available in preconfigured kits.  Additional components can be purchased separately. A typical kit consists of a QuickLoad™ corner (QLC), one base plate and a comprehensive set of components.  The type of parts you are going to fixture will determine which kit you choose.  Renishaw offers two kit types:  1.) Clamping kit; 2.) Magnetic and clamping kit (contains magnets for fixturing steel parts)
  • Base plates – There are two base plate options to choose from:
    • Multi-hole: offers greater flexibility to set up and check as many parts as possible at one time with a clear area in the centre of the plate
    • Multi-window: more windows for the clearest view of small parts
  • Fixturing components are easily adjustable and designed to hold components firmly with the minimum necessary force to avoid damage or distortion.  The wide range of parts available offers flexibility when setting up a fixture to ensure a maximum clearance for inspection.  A selection of different preconfigured components sets are available in imperial and metric thread sizes.  Alternatively, fixturing components can be purchased individually.