Starrett Spring Testers

Starrett Spring Testers:  Spring measurement, testing and analysis is complex. While a spring may appear to be a simple device, its operation and performance can be difficult to determine precisely. Until now.

Starrett, a global leader in measurement technology, has engineered spring analysis, spring testing and spring measurement solutions that precisely characterize a spring’s operation and performance. Our solutions can verify and validate your spring’s performance and characteristics including: working loads, height and solid height variations, spring index, slenderness ratio, initial tension and more.

Starrett solutions ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability. And we offer a level of testing and measurement solutions that are sophisticated enough for spring design engineers yet easy enough to use for the novice user.  Starrett knows spring measurement, testing and analysis.

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Starrett Spring Testers

MTH Manual Spring Tester

  • Tension and Compression
  • Excellent Cost Effective Spring Testing

S1 Motorized Spring Tester

  • Spring rate
  • Spring constant
  • Free length
  • Solid Height
  • Initial tension
  • Pass / Fail Limits

S2 Motorized Spring Tester

  • All Features of S1
  • Load at Height/Length Limits (One or Two Points)
  • Load at Height/Length Limits (Multiple Points with optional Test Builder)
  • Height/Length at Load Limits (One or Two Points)
  • Height/Length at Load Limits (Multiple Points with optional Test Builder)

L2 Plus Motorized Spring Tester

  • All Features of S2
  • Resilience
  • Advanced Tolerancing
  • Advanced Data Anaylsis from the Graph