Starrett Webber Gage Blocks

Choose from a complete range of globally recognized Starrett Webber gage blocks includes: High-grade steel gage blocks for shop floor use, longer-lasting and non-corroding ceramic blocks. Top-of-the-line croblox® Chromium Carbide, are very stable, non-corrosive and have excellent wringability. A variety of sets are available in square- and rectangular-block versions. Individual replacement blocks and a range of related accessories are also available.

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Starrett Webber Gage Blocks

  • Individual gage blocks are readily available in a wide selection of shapes, materials, and accuracy grades.
  • Gage block sets are readily available in a wide selection of block shapes, materials, accuracy grades and piece counts.  All sets arrive in a handsome, rugged wooden case for lasting protection.
  • Angle Gage Blocks permit fast, simple and accurate measurements of any angle.  They are far superior to sine bar measuring methods, that involve trigonometric formulae and complex stacks of gage blocks.  Sets are available in an assortment of accuracy grades and block counts.
  • Convenient sets of accessories are available for creating custom measuring solutions with individual gage blocks.
  • A wide selection of jaws, clamps, points and other accessories is available for square and rectangular gage blocks.  These accessories in concert with gage blocks provide the means for creating custom measuring solutions.
  • Standard Reference Bars are invaluable for use in checking table movement of machine tools, accuracy of Vernier height gages, surface plate transfer measurement, and for final inspection of precision machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. A Certificate of Calibration is included.  All models arrive with a storage case.