ZQ375 Checkweigher

Ideal heavy-washdown ZQ375 Checkweigher built to meet stringent food hygiene requirements
Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A, the ZQ375 Checkweigher has been specifically designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the food processing industry. IP69K rated for heavy washdown environments.

Highly visible display in any environment
The ZQ375 checkweigher features a highly visible, low power draw IBN display, which offers ease of viewing in all lighting conditions. Its large, nine segment digits and coloured multi-segmented under/overweight graph give the operator a fast visual indication of weight which is user friendly, yet highly accurate.

Legal for trade Checkweigher
This checkweigher is legal for trade, making it suitable for use in commercial applications where product is sold by weight. It is available in a range of sizes and capacities from 6lb to 500lbs (3kg to 200kg).

Multi-connectivity to integrate with your back office systems easily
With multi-connectivity options, the ZQ375 Checkweigher provides you with the information you need through Wireless, USB or Ethernet to maximise performance and profitability.

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ZQ375 Checkweigher:

  • Quick Check Application: ± Target check mode with adjustable 6 segmented red under, orange over and large green accept bar.
  • Gross/Net Checkweighing Application: Gross/net checkweighing mode with adjustable segmented red under, orange over and green accept bar. Built in transaction counter. Pack run. Configurable standard deviation and Xbar R.
  • Advanced Checkweighing Application: 500 PLU storage, weight and percentage checkweighing settings with fully adjustable segmented red under, orange over and green accept, under over alarms. Full range of built in statistical packages, transaction counter, pack run, custom and standard deviation data capture, Xbar R, negative checkweighing and auto tare.
  • Grading Application: Up to 10 easy-to-set grading bands
  • Unit of Measure: Three independently configurable (Pounds, Kilograms, Ounce, Gram, Pound/Ounce, Custom)
  • Capacity Selections: Base capacities 5lb to 500lb (3kg to 200kg) configurable 999,999 with decimal located zero to five places
  • Incremental Selections: Multiples and sub-multiples of 1, 2, 5
  • Programmable Selections: Zero range, motion detection, automatic zero tracking, five point linearization
  • Time and Date: Battery backed up time/date/year (12 hour or 24 hour format)
  • Keypad: Ten button knife and chemical resistant with audible keypress feedback
  • Operational Keys: Zero, Tare, Print, Select, Units, Under, Target, Over, ID, F1 Function
  • Status Annunciators: Zero, Motion, Gross, Net, Tare, Count, Print, Battery Status, Set Point 1/2/3, Over/Under/Accept bar graph, lb, kg, gram, oz, Preset Tare, Percentage, Active Ethernet connection
  • Display: IBN illuminated, 0.8” (20mm) high 8-digit, nine segment display, green on black background for indoor use.  Bar graph: 6 red under segments, large green accept segment and 6 orange over segments.  22 annunciators for status and mode identification.  Display Rate Selectable (1,2,5,10) times per second
  • Enclosures: Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A 14159-1 -2010, food-grade 304 brushed stainless steel enclosure (IP69K certified) with GORE® Vent ventilation and column-mounted to a range of stainless steel pickled and electropolished IP66 and IP69K bases.
  • Base Construction: Easy to clean, certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A, fully stainless steel food-grade 304 brushed base construction with pickle and polish weigh pan and column suitable for food contact areas. Designed with breakaway load transfer system to help fully protect the loadcells from unwanted overloads and shock loads.
  • Overload Protection: Torsion base: 500, Diamond base: 150%, Corner Loading 100%
  • IP Protection: Torsion base BSG: IP65 (NEMA 4X), Torsion base BSF: IP69K, Diamond base BS: IP69K
  • Approved Accuracy: Torsion Base BSG: 3000d NTEP (3000d EC /OIML) Torsion Base BSF: 5000d NTEP and Measurement Canada (3000d EC /OIML), Diamond Base BS: 5000d NTEP and Measurement Canada (5000d EC /OIML)