OCS Technologies was founded as Ohio Counting Scale in 1930, meaning we’ve been calibrating and repairing scales and laboratory balances for more than 90 years! We’ve become pretty good at calibrating, repairing, and servicing scales and balances over the years and provide our repair and calibration services to northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. 

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scale service repair

New technology or old, sometimes your equipment just stops working as it should.  Whether caused by abuse, accident, or power surge, your equipment may be unable to be adjusted back into tolerance. OCS can provide scale service and repair, either on-site or back at our repair shop or climate-controlled lab. We even provide emergency services, usually within 24 hours or sooner.

OCS provides service from 1 gram up to 50,000 pounds.  See our Scope

Email our Service Manager for further information about our scale and balance repair options.

OCS works with certified standards to check and adjust the calibration of your scales or balances on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. We provide complete documentation and Certificates of Calibration Services for each scale or balance to ensure that your equipment remains within the tolerances you have set.

Contact Dawn Ulatowski at or call (800) 362-0364 to discuss your needs in depth.

We understand both calibration and repairs are important to your business.  Beyond being experts at weighing equipment repair, OCS technicians can handle the repairs on many different  measurement items including hand tools, gauges, and other measurement devices.  Our technicians are continually engaged in factory training to help service your equipment.  

Contact Service or call (800) 362-0364 to discuss your needs in depth.

scale service repair indicatorWe know you don’t need surprises. If a specific scale or balance needs adjustment at every calibration, the equipment may need repair or replacement. We always will let you know. If any of your scales or balances are becoming obsolete or beyond repair, especially those in critical production situations, again, we always will let you know. Our database lets us keep track of your equipment’s complete history and more.

While we’re quite capable in an emergency, our goal always is to prevent problems, not just solve them after they’ve occurred.

Contact Dawn Ulatowski or call 800.362.0364 for recommendations or further information on your equipment’s history. 

To ensure safety, accuracy, and process control, crane scales and dynamometers need to be tested regularly.  OCS Technologies provides testing and calibration services specifically for overhead weighing devices and crane scales.

Our calibration load frame system was specifically designed for crane scales, dynamometers, tension links and other crane-based load cells with the ability to apply forces up to 50,000 lbs.

We understand the importance these lifting devices play in your day-to-day operations.  OCS offers same day service as well as pickup and delivery to limit your downtime.

Inventory coming up? Short term project? Just get a big order?

OCS has a wide range of counting and weighing scales available to rent for monthly, quarterly, or annual inventories. And if you suddenly get a big order, or develop a short term project that requires counting or weighing, OCS can provide the equipment you need.

We even rent test weights.

Our rental services include:

  • Rentals by the day, week, or month.
    • Capacities from 1000 grams to 10,000 pounds.
    • Platform sizes up to 48″ x 60″.
    • Single and dual platform counting scales.
    • Crane Scales up to 50,000 pounds..
    • Simple operation.
    • Optional battery operation.
    • On-site training available.
    • Standby service available.
    • Letters of certification.
    • Professional delivery and setup.

Scale rentals include delivery to your facility, setup, training, and pickup.

All of our rental scales are tested and calibrated according to ISO/IEC 17025. This ensures accuracy in your production process, inventory control, or any of your temporary weighing needs.

Calibration & Repair Services

No matter the cause, OCS will help calibrate and service your equipment and instruments to get them working again. Our factory trained technicians are ready to help.

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